The Bilge Pumps – Buccaneer’s Blog: Taylor Swift vs Spotify and Support of Musicians Independent or Not

Aye always knew th’ music business were a cut-throat way t’ makes a livin’.  Tis good our friends (an’ Aye use tha’ term loosely – ARRharharhar) the Bilge Pumps already be a scabrous band o’ heartless (again, used loosely) scallywags.  Aye’v reviewed 2 o’ their albums on this ‘ere page and enjoyed the opportunity t’ do it.  Aye own 4 o’ their albums now and cannot recommend the Christmas album highly enough – go BUY a copy, don’t be a pirate when it’s yer shipmates what benefits from th’ sale, pack it up wit’ yer decorations so ye’ll have it again fer next year.  It’s good pirate music mixed wit’ some scandalous humor that’ll have grandma leavin’ early.  ARRharharhar!

An’ be tryin’ to remember, search for and find yer favorite pirate/celtic/renaissance bands on whatever you use for listening online, like a few of their songs and add them to a playlist or favorites.  That’s the only way we can get more of the music we listen to and love on the streaming sites.  Search by song title, search by artist, but just search & like!

Now, head over to the Facebook and look at the event we have for Galveston, join the event, join us as we show Galveston a pirate raid like they’ve not seen in 200 or so years!!


For those that don´t know, subscription-based music services like Spotify, Pandora, Rhapsody, Rdio, Beats Music, etc. go on the model of the user listening to a song on their app or website and either listening for free and getting commercials or paying a monthly subscription fee. The companies manage to make money on the process by charging for ads and subscriptions and only paying a small amount to the artist/label for the song play. What the artist gains is very easy accessibility online to listeners that might otherwise not hear their stuff at all. What the artist loses is that the amount paid to them by the subscription-based company is very, very small compared to what they would gain by someone doing a paid download of the same song.

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The Roentgens’ Berlin Secretary Cabinet

This would look mighty fyne in the captain’s cabin o’ me ship!


One of the finest achievements of European furniture making, this cabinet is the most important product from Abraham (1711–1793) and David Roentgen’s (1743–1807) workshop. A writing cabinet crowned with a chiming clock, it features finely designed marquetry panels and elaborate mechanisms that allow for doors and drawers to be opened automatically at the touch of a button. Owned by King Frederick William II, the Berlin cabinet is uniquely remarkable for its ornate decoration, mechanical complexity, and sheer size.


The Bilge Pumps new album “Bail Money” is a must have.

Well, yer humble Squirrel must’ve done something right last year.  I did a review of a The Bilge Pumps album “The Idiodyssey” and it seems they like my work.  Ol’ Maroon the Shantyman his most high honorable self (some claim, mostly him…) contacted me and asked me to do it again with their new album “Bail Money” before its release this year.

The album is up for parole release THIS Friday, September 19 in honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day!!  (Why it’s not available for delivery on #ITLAPD to play at all the parties is something Aye will discuss with Maroon.)  MY party will be jammin’ to the new tunes…  Aye got an advance copy – ARRRHARHARharhar!!

It’s an all live album, normally that makes me cringe in fear of the poor quality sound from recording at various faires.  NOT SO this time.  I actually thought it was a studio album, if not for the crowd noise in the song intros I wouldn’t think it was live.  Very good quality, I’m glad I’m not the sound guy that had to get that figured out and set-up.

18 tracks listed on the CD cover (thar may be more, not sure if I’m at liberty to tell about the other 2 – whoopsy!).  A goodly mix of traditional songs o’ the sea and some original music along with a guest or two singing along.  All performed flawlessly with great passion and fervor.  A great band o’ sea dawgs who will have you drumming and singing along at the redlights. Just ignore those strange looks from the land lubbers. Each starts with a little commentary that should be gathered up and made into a movie – though it would have to be rated X  – for treasure of course…

Seriously, go buy it.  That way you’ll have it for next year’s ITLAPD party.  While you’re there grab a copy of the Christmas album too – no self respecting pirate should be without that album for Christmas morning.  Check their schedule on the website too, they put on an awesome show, don’t miss it!

~ Rev Wrongway

Bad Bourbon Street sidewalks: ‘I almost broke my leg!’ | WGNO

Stagger – stagger, crawl – crawl.  T’is no easy trick fer a drunken pirate either!  Ask Capt’n Fred from New York…  Arrharharhar!



Walking on Bourbon Street is becoming an obstacle course.

The City fixed up the streets and sidewalks for the Super Bowl a few years ago.  Now the sidewalks on Bourbon Street are falling apart and visitors are concerned.

“You can see the damage.  The bricks are falling apart.  There’s water trapped in there,”  Stephen Hammond from Georgia, said.

Linda Naylor is another tourist visiting New Orleans.  She’s taking a leisurely stroll on Bourbon Street and she made sure to wear the right shoes.

“I’m not walking in high-heels intentionally.

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The rum is IN the barrel!

A couple of weeks ago I picked up a 1 liter barrel from Deep South Barrels at the Houston Gun Show.  We had planned to go to their store but found out they are only open weekends by appointment.  Luckily one of their vendors had a booth at the show.

deepsouth 1 liter

On the way home we stopped & grabbed some booze to season the barrel.  I bought a fifth (I know, they are 750ml) each of cheap sherry and port.

I followed the directions (I know, right?) and rinsed the barrel with hot water to remove any loose bits of wood and char (yes! the barrels are charred inside like whiskey barrels).  I then filled it with hot tap water to let the seams seal, this gives the wood a good tight seal.

Three days later I drained the water (not one leak!) and added the 750ml of sherry.  This doesn’t completely fill the barrel so you have to rotate it – make sure it doesn’t leak, mine never lost a drop.  I let the sherry cook for 7 days.  When I drained it back to the bottle about 1 or 2 shots were missing – no, I don’t like sherry – this is called the Devil’s cut. [The Devil’s Cut is a play on the “Angel’s Share,” the whiskey that is lost via evaporation during the aging process.  However, some of the whiskey is also lost in the barrel itself.]  It’s also the part that flavors anything you put in next…  🙂

After the Sherry came out, I added a 750ml of cheap Port and let it cook for 9 days.

Today we put in some rum!  I had about 1/2 a bottle of Cruzan Vanilla rum, I am looking to get a good mellow vanilla flavor to my rum.  We also added one tablespoon of vanilla flavoring.  Then we topped it off with some Bacardi we had hanging around.

I plan to let this go for a month or two, maybe longer.  I will be sampling it every 2 weeks or so.  I don’t want to over age it and these small barrels will age much faster than a full-sized barrel.

Wish me luck!